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Lexie Robinson

Lexie Robinson

Autocomplete Python Stubs CI, Binance Exchange Integration, LEAN Speed Improvement – LEAN Release Notes v9194-v9449

In the last 2 weeks the QuantConnect team has been focused on stability and bug fixes. Diving deep into some of the long lingering issues and publishing fixes for the along with additional regression tests to lock in that stability. We also surpassed 10,000 unit tests giving the platform a rock solid foundation for expansion! […]

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    Lexie Robinson

    Lexie Robinson

    Python Auto-complete, and with Integrated Docker-Local IDE Support with VSCode, PyCharm and Visual Studio. Release notes v9842-v9185

    In this release of updates, we have made substantial changes to improve our local development experience through deep integration of the LEAN Docker containers, along with publishing a research docker container for running your LEAN Research Notebooks locally. These docker containers are completely integrated into VSCode, PyCharm, and Visual Studio allowing you to run backtests […]