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QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.AlphaModel Class Reference

Provides a base class for alpha models. More...

Inheritance diagram for QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.AlphaModel:

Public Member Functions

 AlphaModel ()
 Initialize new AlphaModel More...
virtual IEnumerable< InsightUpdate (QCAlgorithm algorithm, Slice data)
 Updates this alpha model with the latest data from the algorithm. This is called each time the algorithm receives data for subscribed securities More...
virtual void OnSecuritiesChanged (QCAlgorithm algorithm, SecurityChanges changes)
 Event fired each time the we add/remove securities from the data feed More...


virtual string Name [get, set]
 Defines a name for a framework model More...
- Properties inherited from QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.INamedModel
string Name [get]
 Defines a name for a framework model More...

Detailed Description

Provides a base class for alpha models.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AlphaModel()

QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.AlphaModel.AlphaModel ( )

Initialize new AlphaModel

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Update()

◆ OnSecuritiesChanged()

Property Documentation

◆ Name

virtual string QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.AlphaModel.Name

Defines a name for a framework model

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