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Instead of using the data feed from your brokerage, you can also use IQFeed if you're on Windows. Using IQFeed requires you to have an IQFeed developer account and you need to have the IQFeed client installed locally.:

Set Up Data Feed

If you select IQFeed as your data feed for a local live algorithm, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the path to the IQConnect binary. The default path is C:/Program Files (x86)/DTN/IQFeed/iqconnect.exe if you used the default settings when installing the IQFeed client.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    IQConnect binary location [C:/Program Files (x86)/DTN/IQFeed/iqconnect.exe]:
  2. Enter your IQFeed username and password.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Username: 123456
    Password: **********
  3. Enter the product id and version of your IQFeed developer account.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Product id: <yourID>
    Product version: 1.0

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