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lean live


Interact with the local live deployments using Docker. Alias for lean live deploy.

$ lean live [command] <project> [options]


The lean live command expects the following commands:

add-securityRepresents a command to add a security to the algorithm.
cancel-orderRepresents a command to cancel a specific order by id.
deployStart live trading a project locally using Docker.
liquidateLiquidate the given symbol from the latest deployment of the given project.
stopStop an already running local live trading project.
submit-orderRepresents a command to submit an order to the algorithm.
update-orderRepresents a command to update a specific order by id.

The default command is deploy, and lean live becomes an alias for lean live deploy.


The lean cloud live command supports the following options:

--helpDisplay the help text of the lean cloud live command and exit.

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